Our clients often ask us to answer two interrelated questions: Why hire consultants rather than use internal resources, and Why hire p.s.l. marketing resources instead of some other consulting firm?

Often, our clients are too embroiled in the fires of everyday business to free themselves for the longer term issues.  We have the "luxury" of dedicating our resources to specific business issues and providing fresh perspectives.  Our clients benefit from timely recommendations unencumbered by the internal, conventional wisdom.

We are all former packaged goods marketers with a disciplined approach to strategic marketing.  Therefore, we start each project by mapping out our client's internal parameters for the success of the project.  We finish each project with strategic recommendations.  Our recommendations are not merely "opinion", but based on a foundation of findings.  Opportunity assessments, market research (both quantitative and qualitative) and interviews are often the building blocks for the foundation.  The benefit to our clients is a unique perspective that is strategically, versus tactically, motivated.

We have helped engineer success by launching new products and positionings in a multitude of industries.  Packaged goods and food, retail, multi-media, consumer technologies, and entertainment represent part of our client base.  We understand the complexities, channels and consumer dynamics of several industries.  The benefit of our industry diversity is a shorter learning curve, as well as applicable learning from other industries.

We began exploring the phenomenon of the uniqueness of kid consumers several years ago.  Since then, we've worked for a dozen kid marketers.  We have conducted hundreds of kid research mini-groups and many best practices kid studies.   Pursuing kid insights has also directed us to teen and parent marketing.  The benefit to our clients is a real understanding of the uniqueness of specific targets and how to effectively market to these individual consumers.

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